Our History – Christ Mission to the World

Our History

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How it begun

It all started with the birth of a vision Rt. You should know relating to melhor jogo de poker online. Rev Garang and his wife Tabitha conceived 9 years ago to help improve the lives of the South Sudanese people who had escaped from the violent conflicts in their home country and had sought for refuge in Kenya, to ease their suffering by giving them hope of a better future, and to share the love of God.

When Rt. Rev Garang Chan, and his beloved wife Tabitha Nyanut Ayii had relocated to Kenya following the aftermath of the more than 21 years of conflict in South Sudan that devastated the entire community development, they started meeting with a small group of the Dinka faithfuls in their house every week praying together and giving encouragement to one another. Later on Rt. Rev Garang and his wife Tabitha began to identify themselves with their people in difficulties even though they too had no income to rely upon. They prayed fervently with their friends, trusting in the Lord’s guidance every step of their way, and were determined to raise funds to support school going children back at home and in Nairobi, Kenya in order to make a lasting impact in the areas they felt the Lord leading them and by the grace of God, Rt. Rev Garang and Tabitha’s vision continues today, and 9 years later, CMW now reaches hundreds of people in South Sudan, and particularly in the greater Northern Bar el Ghazal region where they have drilled 21 water boreholes, supported three schools, provided medical supplies, built the capacities of fifty farmers and provided seeds and farm tools . Many children are going to school with their support, many families now can access clean and safe drinking water through their effort, the gospel is being preached, sick souls due to trauma caused by violent conflicts in South Sudan are being healed, women and girl child are empowered, communities are mobilized and sensitized to peaceful co-existence, communities are empowered to grow food for self-sustainability as well providing care for orphans and vulnerable children. Despite these incredible accomplishments, Rt. Rev Garang and Tabitha have always attributed the success of CMW to the working of the Lord. Going beyond providing emergency aid and relief, CMW focuses on raising local leaders to create sustainable change in their own communities. The organization has been blessed with outstanding growth over the last 9 years – drilling over 10 water boreholes in areas affected by rapid desertification, training pastors and community leaders to plant thousands of churches all over South Sudan, providing over 10,000 sight-giving trachoma/cataract surgeries and so much more. Today, the organization is pushing forward, excited about the things to come, fully trusting the Lord’s guidance in every step of their way.