Child Protection

October 9, 2020 0 comments cmisson Categories Challenges, Health Care, Programme

Christ Mission to the World seeks to ensure that all children are protected from all forms of exploitation, neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse through effective national and community based child protection systems

Child protection is a key component of CMW programmes. We can provide jogo de poker online. It cuts across all our project implementation and advocacy and we have continued to make great strides toward strengthening child protection systems.

Under this programme we’ll focus mainly on the following:
1. Developing functional community-based child protection systems,
2. Enabling community-based rehabilitation (CBR) of children with disabilities,
3. Ensuring safer schools programme for children
4. Coordinating national-level advocacy for child protection interventions by the government.

We support prevention and response to violence against children campaigns in South Sudan and in line with this, we are envisaging implementing Violence Against Children project in Aweil Central, Aweil East and Aweil South if funds are availed. The goal of this project is to reduce violence against children aged 0-8 years in post-conflict South Sudan using Early Childhood Care and Development as a key strategy.

We’re focusing on forming functional anti-violence school clubs in target schools within Aweil Central, Aweil East, Aweil South, Aweil North and Aweil West states.

We’ll ensure that children with disabilities reach their full potential. We’ll increase the number of parent support groups for children with disabilities, from 20 to 68 groups, representing 68% of the overall project target in the next 12 months.