Youth Economic Empowerment

October 9, 2020 0 comments cmisson Categories Empowerment, Programme, Women and Youth

The launch of our youth economic empowerment project known as “A Working Future” has meant forming powerful partnerships with youth and the private corporate sector to provide economic and self-employment opportunities. The success from this project will provide new opportunities and frontiers for engaging private sector companies and working with organized youth groups to address chronic youth poverty.

Next year 2018, Christ Mission to the World will organize a corporate sector engagement forum from the financial sector, large scale supermarket outlets, universities, telecoms and motor companies, with a high level of participation from young people. The forum will provide a platform to explore opportunities and ways of working with private local and international companies to support youth economic empowerment. This enable young people to access skills training, resulting in young women and men gaining apprenticeships or vocational skills, life skills and farming skills. Focal areas for training are animal and crop husbandry, craft making, participation skills and menstrual hygiene management.